Mircea Eliade

Mircea Eliade
Mircea Eliade was born 13 March in 1907 in Bucharest. His date of birth is indicated in different sources in different ways — this is due to the fact the Gregorian calendar was introduced in Romania only in 1924. Eliade was an Orthodox family and celebrated his birthday on the 40th of the martyrs — March 9 of the Julian calendar. Eliade himself always referred to this day as his birthday.

My father was in the military Mircea, Eliade and the family moved from place to place. During the period of study in high school the young man became interested in philosophy, ancient East, the history of religions. Learned French, German and Latin, then — Italian and English. In 1925, Eliade entered the University of Bucharest. By this time, he published more than a hundred articles on the history of religions, oriental science, alchemy. Thesis Eliade's degree was devoted to the philosophers of the Italian Renaissance by Marsilio Ficino to .

In 1928, he was granted a scholarship to study in India, and went to Eliade Calcutta to study Sanskrit and philosophy. During his studies, Eliade traveled to Indian villages and monasteries in the Himalayas, a few months living in the Himalayan monastery Rishikesh, where he was a famous guru Swami Sivananda.

In 1931, Eliade returned to Bucharest and soon began teaching the University of Bucharest. In the following period, he taught at many universities in Europe, and in 1957 became a professor of Mircea Eliade, the University of Chicago.

He — the author of over 30 scientific, literary and philosophical works have been translated into 18 languages. From his work on the history of religion are the most valuable writings on shamanism, yoga, cosmological myths and 'primitive' religious beliefs. He also investigated the transition from the mythological description of the world to the historical.

In scientific papers, Eliade is the author of many works of fiction with such characteristic elements such as vampires, evil spirits, ghosts, time warp, the search for immortality.

Mircea Eliade died in Chicago April 22 in 1986 at the age of 79 years. Department of History of Religions at the University of Chicago bears his name. May 31 of the same year at the Sorbonne memorial meeting was marked by the fortieth day after his death.