Igor Kio

Emilievich Igor Kio
Emilievich Igor Kio was born in Moscow on March 13 in 1944. His father, Emil Kio was also an illusionist, and his mother Eugenia Kio — dancer, as well as an assistant and as an assistant to her husband rides.

Dynasty Kio almost 70 years, has performed at the circus arena. It is not surprising that Igor from the cradle "sick circus." For the first time he came to the arena with the Lilliputians. In the USSR, the popularity of the Kio was huge, over 30 years, he gave 500 submissions per year.

The work of Igor Emilevich never confined to the circus. He has performed at the Sports Palace and theaters in many cities across the country, has collaborated with many well-known composers, artists and choreographers. Kio and toured in many countries around the world.

In Leningrad in 1977, came the famous program "Selected 77". In 1985, Igor Kio has created a show called "Without illusions." In 1989, the company was formed "Show-Illusion Igor Kio." In the 1990s, it came out of the "At 6 o'clock in the evening after the winter" and "Magician of the XX century", which was also attended by many entertainers.

Igor Kio has worked on television — he was shot in the brilliant program "New Year's attraction," led "Morning Post", a series of programs "All the Clowns" and other TV shows.

The great illusionist was awarded the title of People's Artist of Russia and Honoured Artist of Georgia awarded the "Oscar".

Igor Kio was married three times. His first wife was , but their marriage lasted only nine days. The second marriage lasted 11 years. It Igor Kio in 1967, had a daughter — Victoria. With the third wife — Viktoria artist lived for more than thirty years. She was an assistant to show her husband. It was her Kio "burned" in his famous focus.

Igor Kio died Emilievich on August 30 in 2006 in Moscow.