Sergei Mikhalkov

Sergei Mikhalkov
Sergei Mikhalkov, a man whose name is known to all from childhood, was born (February 28 on March 13 in 1913 in Moscow . In 1927, the family moved to Stavropol.

Sergei was not yet ten years old, and he wrote poems, which spoke positively eminent poets. He was first published in 1928 in the Stavropol region. After school, he returned to Moscow, Sergei, worked and continued to write poetry, publishing them in the national media: magazines "Spark", "Pioneer" newspapers. Released in 1935 poem "Uncle Stepan," has long been a classic of children's literature. In 1937, Mikhalkov admitted to the Union of Writers.

During the Great Patriotic War, Mikhalkov was a war correspondent, was awarded with orders and medals. After the war, writes poetry, plays, children's theater, scripts for movies ("Big Space Travel", "three plus two" and others).

Phenomenal fact of biography of Sergei Mikhalkov: he is the author of three words of great power Hymns for the three eras of the country — two Soviet (1944 and 1977) and one Russian (2000), and all three times on a competitive basis.

Sergei Mikhalkov was awarded many medals, including the highest order of Russia — the Order of St. Andrew (2008) and "For Service to the Motherland» II degree (2003), four Orders of Lenin and others. Holds the title of Hero of Socialist Labor.

Sergei Mikhalkov died 27 August in 2009 on the 97-year life. His line everyone knows. His poems — a symbol of time.