Vasily Bazhenov

Vasily Bazhenov
Vasily Bazhenov was born in the village of Kaluga province Dolskaya 12 March in 1737 (according to other sources in 1738), the son of one of the court deacon Kremlin churches. A passion for drawing and a natural talent for art Vasily found in childhood, all sorts of copying a building in the capital.

Most of the life and work of Bazhenov was held in Moscow, where a 15-year-old, he started the gang painters Golovinskiy the construction of the palace and was seen D.V.Uhtomskim architect, after which he was enrolled in its architectural team.

One of the few graduates of the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, graduated from it with a gold medal. And already established architects to improve their talent Bazhenov went abroad (1760), where his stay was crowned triumphant: in Paris, he received a diploma of the French Academy, the Roman Academy awarded him the title of professor, Florence and Bologna Academy elected him an academician.

On his return to Russia Bazhenov was a complete translation of all 10 books of the Roman architect Vitruvius, published in the print shop of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Thoroughly familiar with his art theory, Vasily was one of the best practitioners. Having absorbed a variety of historical experience, experienced and motivated interest in classicism and baroque and gothic.

One of the grandiose plans Bazhenov was a project of the Kremlin Palace (1767-1775), designed for the creation of the ensemble, which, to the author, could serve as a "forum of the great empire." But the work was stopped at an early stage due to lack of funds.

The name Bazhenov connected with lots of architectural works — the building of the arsenal at the Foundry in St. Petersburg, Moscow Kremlin Senate building on Znamenka Pashkov House, in Tsaritsyno palace complex and the Petrovsky Palace, the Church of St. Vladimir in the estate of bulls and a number of other buildings.

Bazhenov had an enormous influence on the development of Russian architecture of the second half of the 18th century. In him the great artist-architect combined with an experienced builder, who owned a perfect technology achievements of his time. It was a deep thinker and theoretician advanced architecture — in his remarks emphasized and promoted the great importance of Russian national heritage. In 1799 Paul appointed him vice-president of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Died Vasily Bazhenov in St. Petersburg {day-8-13} 13 August {/ day 1799}.