Vladimir Odoyevski

Odoyevski Vladimir Fedorovich
Odoyevski Vladimir Fedorovich was born (1) on August 13 in 1803 in Moscow.

father descended from an ancient noble family, the parents of the mother — the serfs. In 1816 — 1822 he studied at the Moscow university boarding school. Then he began to collaborate with the magazine "Calliope" (1820). At this time he became interested in philosophy , later met with him, surprising him his encyclopedic knowledge.

Odoyevski participated in the activities of "Free Society of Russian Literature", and in 1823 — 1825 years led the first philosophical circle in Russia — "Society of wisdom." The central product of his "Russian Nights" can be considered the main Russian literary monument of wisdom.

In 1826 Odoyevski moved to St. Petersburg, entered the service of the Committee of foreign censorship. During these years, he met AS, working with the "Literary newspaper" and Almanac "Northern Flowers". When Pushkin begins publication "Contemporary", Odoyevski becomes an active employee and his assistant. It publishes his article "On the hostility toward enlightenment." In 1844 he published his collected works in three volumes.

Since 1846 Odoyevski served as assistant director and director of the Public Library of the Rumyantsev Museum. Have flourished in the years 1830-1840: a collection of "Motley Tales" (1833), "The Tale of a dead body, it is unknown who owned."

A number of works devoted to the position of women in Russia: the story "Princess Mimi" (1834), "Princess Zizi" (1839), "The mysterious story," "La Sylphide" (1838), "Salamander" (1841 ).

Odoyevski contributed to the development of music critics, composers promoted the creation , A. Alyabeva, and other .

Died Vladimir Fedorovich Odoyevski (on February 27) March 11 in 1869 in Moscow.