George Yumatov

George Yumatov in the film "Officers" < / span>
Yumatov Georgy was born in Moscow March 11 in 1926. From childhood he dreamed of the sea, and in 1941 he began his studies at the Naval School. But the war began, and in 1942, sixteen-year-Yumatov lad went to the front. He served on a torpedo boat, was wounded several times, suffered a concussion.

The first film roles were sporadic: the monk in the film "Ivan the Terrible", assistant makeup artist in the film "Spring", a soldier in the movie "Private ยป. Since 1945, he was an actor "Mosfilm" and studio theater actor.

Filmography George Yumatova has more than 100 paintings. He has created a galaxy of bright memorable images of strong, strong-willed men: Anatoly Popov in the film "The Young Guard", Stepan — "Different fates," Seraphim Seagull — "The cook," Ryabov — "Do not forget ... station Meadow" Maxim — "Dangerous Tour "Alex -" Officers ", Sadchikov -" Petrovka 38 "and" 6 Ogareva "Ivan Blue -" TASS is authorized to declare. "

A famous by George Yumatova Venka Malyshev role in the film "Cruelty", released in 1959 and directed by the novel , and the role of the Red commander Alexei Trofimov in the film "Officers", which was released in 1971. Even today, the "Officers" are viewing love, and not least because of the acting of George Yumatova.

Yumatov George was a favorite of the public, the idol of young people 50-70-ies of the 20th century. In 1982 he was awarded the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR.

In life, the actor differed cocky character and an explosive temper. In March 1994, George Yumatov was arrested for murder because of a quarrel. Two months later released on bail, and then as a member of the Second World War was amnestied.

Died 4 October in 1997 and is buried in Moscow on Vagankovsky cemetery. < br>