Vasily Chichagov

Vasily Yakovlevich Chichagov
Vasily Yakovlevich Chichagov, the only sailor — Commander of the Order of Saint George I degree, was born (February 28) March 11 in 1726 near Kostroma in impoverished noble family. Primary education received at home, learned seamanship in Moscow, then in England.

In 1742 he enlisted in the Navy midshipman, in 1745 — to warrant officers, in 1751, he was appointed Secretary of the ship, in 1754 he was promoted to Lieutenants.

On board the frigate "St. Michael" in 1757 Chichagov made his first voyage, and after returning appointed chief commander of the port of Archangel.

In 1770, he moved to St. Petersburg the rank of rear admiral. In the same year was appointed chief commander of the port of Revel, in 1773, he was appointed chief commander of the Kronstadt port. In 1783, he received the rank of Admiral.

In the years 1789-1790 Vasily Yakovlevich commanded the Russian fleet in the war with the Swedes won several victories. The most significant were ?land, Revel and Vyborg battle. In the battle, Admiral Chichagov choose the most advantageous position to attack the enemy's decision that allowed victories, even small losses over the superior forces of the enemy.

Awarded Andrew and St George I degree. bestowed him the noble coat of arms and more than two thousand serfs.

In 1797 Vasily Chichagov was dismissed from the naval service. The last years of his life in St. Petersburg.

Died Vasily Yakovlevich Chichagov (4) on April 16 in 1809 in St. Petersburg, was buried in the Lazarev cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

Vasyl Chichagova named several islands, headlands, the bay and the mountain on the island of Kyushu.