Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick was born July 26 in 1928 in New York. From his childhood interest in photography, which helped him already in place 17 years to get a staff photographer in the magazine «Look».

In 1954, with producer James B.Harrisom Kubrick set up his own production company. Kubrick's first work as a director was the crime drama "Murder", released in theaters in 1956. The film has attracted the attention of critics. The following year, the young director takes an anti-war drama "Paths of Glory," which was a big hit in Europe, although it has been banned in some European countries. Critics noted the undoubted merits of this picture.

In 1960, Stanley Kubrick was invited to finish the E.Mannom historical film "Spartacus." The film was very successful. Soon, the director moved to England, where in 1962 he released one of his most famous movies — "Lolita" based on the novel . Kubrick picture brought worldwide fame.

In 1968, the eminent director introduced the attention of audiences and critics fantastic grand epic "Space Odyssey 2001" based on the novel A.Klarka. This painting won the "Oscar" for the use of special effects and trick photography and has become one of the standards of a science fiction film.

Another world-famous work of Kubrick is "A Clockwork Orange" (1971), based on the novel E.Berdzhesa . In 1980 he was released on psychological horror film "The Shining" by S.Kingu.

The last of the famous film director was the family drama "Eyes Wide Shut" (1997), which was released after the death of the director.

Stanley Kubrick died March 7 in 1999 in England. He is survived by weight of unrealized projects.