Anna Akhmatova

Portrait of Anna Akhmatova by K. Petrov- Vodkin (excerpt)
Anna Akhmatova (real name — Gorenko) was born in sunny southern Odessa (11) June 23 in 1889 in the family of a retired naval engineer mechanic. In 1910, she married the leading representative and founder acmeism .

The poetic style of Anna Akhmatova and a bright mix of concrete verbal images and astonishing conciseness with updated rhythms. Well-known literary critic Zhirmunsky compared with musical creativity Akhmatova art . Main, although not the only topic of poems by Anna Akhmatova — love.

Wide and yellow evening light,
Tender Is the April chill.
You're too late for many years,
But I'm glad you did.

These sit close to me,
Look merry eyes:
Here is the blue notebook —
With my children's poems.

Sorry I lived grieving
And the sun was happy enough.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry for you
I took too many.

His first collection of poems by Anna Akhmatova was published in 1912. In 1914, the band released the second book "Beads", which confirmed the opinion of the true poetic talent of Anna Akhmatova. In 1917 appeared the next compilation called "White Flock" in 1921 — "Plantain", and in 1922 — the famous collection «MCMXXI», which reflected the feelings of all the notes of sorrow and Akhmatova associated with the shooting of her husband, NS . ENU.

After that, starting from 1922, all published collections of Akhmatova were most severe censorship by the Soviet government. And in August 1946 Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Anna Akhmatova's work was condemned because of the inconsistency to the ideals of socialist construction.

Only since 1959, the poems of Anna Akhmatova began to appear again in the Soviet magazines. Only in the late 1980s poem poet were published in full without the intervention of censorship.

Anna Akhmatova left this world March 5 in 1966 and was buried in Komarovo .