Iya Savina

Iya Savina S.
Savvina — an amazing and a great actress and an equally wonderful and bright person, she was a truly colorful and extraordinary personality. Sincere and touching it can be a tough and truthful in their opinions, but always ready to help people, and they were drawn to it. Iya S. knew a lot of poetry and had read them by heart. In an interview, she said: "... I was never a star. I'm just an actress. Yes, honest, conscientious, but artistĀ».

Iya Savina S. was born March 2 in 1936 in Voronezh. As a child, she had to travel a lot around the country, due to the work of parents. In 1946 the family moved to the village Borinskaya, 100 km from Voronezh, where he spent his childhood and youth Yee. After graduating from the school in 1953 with honors, she moved to Moscow to study at the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University, but did not have time — welcome to the medalists filfak has ended. Then Savvina documents filed by the Faculty of Journalism and entered, beating many applicants.

Actor's fate or start a student of Moscow State University Theatre, directed by actor I.Lipsky Vakhtangov Theatre, and where she played several roles in the During his studies at the university. The fame of the young actress brought the role in the play "This Love", produced by students at the scene , which was the first major work of Savva on stage, and the performance itself, critics say — a sensation. It was several years with the same success.

After graduating from MSU in 1958 Iya planned to combine the student theater scene with the work the editor at the publishing house where once came to the show invited her to star in the film "The Lady with the Dog" and recommended her for the role in this film the director I.Heyfitsu. After the premiere of the tape in 1960, the work of Savva was awarded a special prize of the XIII International Film Festival in Cannes, which largely determined the choice of profession and the entire future of the actress.

With no dramatic training, Ia decided to devote himself to art. In her life, there were people who, according to Savva, gave her a piece of their knowledge, and communication with them and became a kind of training. This I.Lipsky that in this "quiet girl with bright eyes and a silver voice" has opened great acting talent, R.Bykov, A. Batalov, , F, , N.Mordvinova, A.Moskvin, ...

Despite the lack of professional acting education, in 1960 she was invited to Oia troupe of. City Council, who led the . Savva debut in the production of "Nora", where she played the title role, was a great success. Also on the stage of this theater actress had played many prominent roles in productions of "The Curious Savage", "hostel", "Leningrad Avenue," "Petersburg Dreams" and others.

In 1977, at the invitation of Chief Savvina Theater director O.Efremova passed troupe of the theater, the stage is played to the end. Here she brilliantly played the most diverse roles in many productions, such as "Summer People," "Contact," "El Dorado", "Duck Hunt," "The Seagull," "Rain," "Three Sisters", "Christmas Dreams," " Uncle Vanya, "" The Cherry Orchard "," Woe from Wit "," Crying in a handful "," So we will win, "" The Moscow Choir "and many others.

In parallel with the theater S. Ia actively worked in the cinema. After the "Lady with the Dog" invitation to play in a movie followed one after the other. In the 1960s and 90s, and a lot of it was removed successfully. The most famous in the movie brought Savvinov roles in the films — "The Meek One" (1960), "Calling, open the door!" (1965), "Anna Karenina" (1967), "Asya's Happiness, which she loved but did not marry" (1967 ), "There were two comrades" (1968), "The Last Deed of Kamo" (1973), "The Romance of the Lovers" (1974), "Diary of School" (1975), "Garage" (1979), "The investigation leading Experts" "Open Book" (1977-1979), "Private Life" (1982), "extended, renewed, enchantment" (1984), "Remember me so" (1987), "The plot for the two short stories" (1991), " Trotsky "(1993)," Chekhov & Co. "(1998) and many others.

Total actress has appeared in over 50 films. Most of the film works Savva, in both films, placed on the works of Russian classics, as well as in the paintings of his contemporaries, characterized by soft and charming style of play with the psychological integrity and authenticity of images created by it.

In the new millennium Oia S. starred in the movie a little, because they do not have much confidence in a new generation of filmmakers. Among her works of these years — roles in films: "Two Friends" (2000), "Hello, the capital!" (2003), "Intimate scenes" (2003), "A Place in the Sun" (2004), "Listening to Silence" ( 2007). But theatrical works on stage MXT it was enough — it's performances of "The New American," "Christmas Dreams," "Cats — MouseĀ» ...

A separate page in the works Savvinov occupy documentary television and radio (where it made her debut while still a student). S. Ia led educational programs dedicated to Russian art, was a writer and host of the work of writers and V.Panovoy A.Platonov. She created Kinovedcheskie essays on the work of well-known actors and directors — S.Yurskogo, M.Ulyanova, N.Urganta, F. Ranevskaya, L.Orlovoy and others, produced a series of educational programs devoted to the classics of Russian literature — Turgenev, to Pushkin , A.Gertsenu, N.Nekrasovu, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Ostrovsky.

Savvina also participated in voicing cartoon series of Winnie the Pooh (1969-1972), where her voice said Piglet and others.

Despite his extremely busy in the theater and cinema, Ia S. did not leave and journalistic activities, mainly writing about art. Also, she is the author of the book "Articles of different years" (1996), in which are portraits, memories of the masters of the scene. As the director put the drama "In the beautiful and violent world" (1967).

People's Artist of the RSFSR and the USSR, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR and the RSFSR Vassiliev Brothers, winner of the highest theatrical award of Moscow "Crystal Turandot" and bonuses "Golden Eagle", Savva was awarded the Order "For Services to the FatherlandĀ» IV Degree and the Order of Friendship.

Iya S. was married twice. Her first husband, a scientist and hydrogeologist Vsevolod Shestakov, with whom he played in the Student Theatre of Moscow State University. In this marriage a son, Serge (1957), in 1972, they divorced. Her second husband — Anatoly Vasilyev, actor Taganka Theater. They met in 1979 and lived for more than 30 years together.

Iya Savina S. died on the 76th year of life on August 27 in 2011 in Moscow, as a result of complications melanoma, was buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery of the capital.