Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton
Robert Fulton was born November 14 in 1765 in the U.S. city of Little Britain, in a family of farmers. From early childhood, the boy was interested in the manufacture of weapons, fireworks, loved to draw and paint. Steam engines became interested in 12 years, and as a teenager produced his first boat with wheel motor.

After high school, Robert moved to Philadelphia and took a first assistant to the jeweler, and then a draftsman. At 21, Fulton went to England to study architecture there.

The first drawing of the ship has been created by him and submitted to the government of England in 1793. In 1800, inventor creates in France the first model of the submarine "Nautilus".

also continues to work on the use of steam engines in the shipyards. And now, three years later, in 1803, on the river Seine Fulton tested the first steamboat.

A few more years left on the improvement of the model, in this time Fulton returned to America. Here, on the Hudson River in the late summer of 1807 made his first voyage Fulton's steamboat "North River Steamboat."

Today for this boat stuck the name "Claremont." In fact, the so-called homestead partner inventor who first visited the ship.

After obtaining a patent on a ship Fulton engaged in the manufacture and design of their military models, such as the 44-gun ship "Fulton firstĀ».

In 1813, the inventor obtained the exclusive right to build ships in Russia, but did not use them, and the contract went to Charles Byrd. In addition to ships engaged in designing Fulton iron bridges. For example, on the basis of his project was built by Green Bridge in St. Petersburg.

Robert Fulton died February 24 in 1815 in New York.