Bobby Moore

Robert (Bobby) Moore
Robert (Bobby) Moore, English footballer (midfielder and center back), was born 12 April in 1941. Even as a child he was fascinated by football. Moore had already distinguished good intuition and a desire to win over the opponent.

The Sixties in Britain were characterized by intense breaking class barriers. On the road to fame talent became more significant factor than the origin. The story of how a simple guy Bobby was the most honorable in the world trophy from the hands of the queen herself, loved to illustrate this feature of time, and the democratic nature of football.

Football career began in Robert's London team, "West Ham United . " First he went to the football field stadium "Upton Park" as a midfielder. At the time of the game, emphasis was placed on the attack, the protection of their own goal as little attention has been paid. However, the game Bobby Moore's little changed this tactic.

Moore was a player a large range of actions that can play both in defense and in attack. Subtle feel the situation on the field, he could predict the course of the game. His extraordinary intuition helped instantly make the right decision. His role as the central defender "West Ham United" in the victories of the team in 1960 is very high.

In 1962, Robert Moore was invited to perform at the next football season for England. For several years (until 1970), conducted as part of this team, he played 85 games. In 1963, at the age of twenty-two years of Bobby Moore, led the national team, becoming the youngest captain in the history of English football.

In 1963, 1966 and 1970, he participated in the World Championships, becoming after defeating West Germany 1966 world champion. Bobby Moore was recognized as one of the best players of the tournament.

At the European Championships in 1968 England team took third place, and Robert received a bronze medal. He distinguished himself at the world championship in 1970 in Mexico, demonstrating his outstanding technique. In 1964 Bobby Moore was recognized as the best player in England, and in 1966 — the country's strongest competitor.

In his later years, Moore worked as a sports editor at one of the Sunday papers.

Died famous footballer Bobby Moore February 24 in 1993.