Oleg Jankowski

Oleg Jankowski
Oleg Jankowski was born February 23 in 1944 HJK (Kazakhstan). His father, an officer in the Life Guards Semenov regiment, in Soviet times was repressed, and the family was exiled to Kazakhstan. His mother, fearing arrest, had burned all the documents and photos that established the noble roots Jankowski. Lived from hand to mouth — the mother alone at the helm salary accountant simple three sons and his mother. Went to the rags, five of them huddled in the 14-meter small room, but kept an extensive library, learned foreign languages, read a lot.

Over time, the family moved to Saratov. The eldest of the brothers, Rostislav, an actor has to HJK, then moved to Minsk in the Russian theater. He took with him the 14-year-old Oleg, there Jankowski, Jr., and made his debut on the stage.

Back in Saratov, Oleg enrolled in the Saratov Drama School, and then went to work at a local drama theater, where at first it get a cameo.

One day, when the theater tour in Lviv, saw him in a restaurant, Vladimir Basov, directed by future film "Shield and Sword". So Oleg landed the role of Henry Schwarzkopf. Thanks to the film "Shield and Sword" and the film "Two Comrades Were Serving" Jankowski has become incredibly popular.

serious roles in the theater, the cinema interesting proposals fell one after the other. Movies "The Mirror" and "Nostalgia┬╗ , ┬źFlights in Dreams and in Reality" R. Balayan, "The Kreutzer Sonata" M.Shveytsera, "My Sweet and Tender Beast" E.Lotyanu "Ordinary Miracle" and "Munchhausen" M.Zaharova ... Jankowski has starred in over a hundred films.

Soon Jankowski took the stage "Lenkoma" — the scene in time became almost a home.

Oleg Jankowski is an amazing example of integrity , dignity and talent. Favorite characters Jankowski always yearned for flight beyond everyday reality. Rope ladder to the sky, the common madhouse duel — the extreme points of their unpredictable routes. But, reflecting the time, his heroes have always been honest with each other and the audience, not prevaricate, not brightened the reality, even if something prisochinyali myunhgauzenovskoe ...

He was in demand producers and audiences love until the last minute. Oleg died 20 May in 2009 from a serious illness. He was buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery. Thousands of people came to see him on his last journey ...