Kazimir Malevich

K. Malevich. Self-portrait (between 1908 and 1911.)
In Soviet times over the years, the name of Kazimir Malevich was under the tacit ban. The artist during his lifetime as much to ensure that the most confusing facts personal and artistic biography, extremely difficult any attempt to penetrate the outer at the surprising phenomenon that the small bundle of psychic energy, which we call Kazimir Malevich.

"Reaper on Red Background" Casimir Malevich was born (11) February 23 in 1878 near Kiev. However, there are other details about the time and place of his birth.
Malevich's parents were Polish in origin. My father worked as a manager at a sugar factory known Ukrainian industrialist Tereshchenko (other sources Malevich's father was the Belarusian ethnographer and folklorist). The mother was a housewife. The couple Malevich was born fourteen children, but only nine of which survived to adulthood. Kazimir was the first-born in the family. Began to learn to draw on their own, after the age of 15 his mother gave him a set of paints. At age 17, spent some time in the Kiev Art School.

In 1896, the family settled in Kursk Malevich. There Casimir worked fine officer, but threw for a career with the artist. The first works by Malevich painted in the impressionist style. Later, the artist has become one of the active participants of futuristic exhibitions.
Was Malevich all only half-educated artist? Had he reached the highest creative achievements if trying to realize his talents in the classical ways of painting? These questions will never find your answer.

Parish Malevich was due time. Prerevolutionary, unsteady already pissed on stage a new generation of artists. Kazimir Malevich was very thin and was keenly aware of this growing undercurrent of fate and was able to get into the very epicenter of the cycle, whenever they find themselves successfully on the surface.

semi-literate self-taught, became a world-renowned artist, director of the Leningrad State Institute of Artistic Culture, the author of a number of theoretical publications, the creator of his own direction in the fine arts (Suprematism), Kazimir Severinovich was not a random person.
"Black Square"
Deftly weaving in event-streams, Malevich struck his contemporaries with his unique ability to polarize, energize the space around it. His works have always caused and continue to cause constant debates and clashes most opposite points of view. Known in Russia, mainly as the author of "Black Square", abroad he became a true symbol of revolutionary art.

Malevich died 15 May in 1935 in Leningrad. The artistic heritage of the artist has not yet received and hardly ever get any clear assessment specialists and fans of painting. However, its gigantic scale can not be denied even the most ardent opponents of Kazimir Malevich.