Irina Bugrimova

Irina Bugrimova
Irina was born Bugrimova on March 13 in 1910 in Kharkiv. Her father was a professor of veterinary medicine, pets are often treated at the track and in the circus. Irina 12 years often assisted him in operations. The mother received a musical education, well-played piano, drawing, was fond of the art of photography.

Irene was the fourth girl in the family. At seven years old she was sent to a music school and a ballet studio at the Kharkiv Opera Theater. However, it's a new passion — sports. Bugrimova has combined ballet with sports. She was a champion of Ukraine in several sports, several times took on the All-Union sports first place. By this time to be a ballerina she already got sick, there were dreams of becoming a stuntman.

It was during this period of life Bugrimova met her future husband and partner in the work of Alexander Buslaev. Together they created a circus act "Flight sledding».

In 1937, the group purchased a Soviet circus trained leopards, and managing circuses Dankman unexpectedly offered Bugrimova to combine tricks and taming. This circus has not happened. But Dankman wanted to get the first in the Soviet circus woman-tamer.

During his circus life Bugrimova house trained 80 lions. First — Caesar — has become a friend for many years. With the art of the famous Tamer knew viewers around the world. Her lions perform incredible at that time the room: go on a rope, along with tamer swinging on a swing under the big top.

Since 1976 Bugrimova did not work in the arena, but led an active social life. Irina was the chairman of the veterans of the Russian State Circus Company, a member of the Presidium of the Central House of Arts, the SPCA has been the recipient of numerous awards.

Died great tamer Irina Bugrimova February 20 in 2001. Troyekurovskoye buried at the cemetery in Moscow.