Gennady Batygin

Gennady S. Batygin
Gennady S. Batygin born February 19 in 1951. After finishing philosophy department of Moscow State University, he spent most of his life at the Institute of Sociology. Starting his way to the position of senior scientific and technical staff, he walked steadily on the career ladder. Everyday routine scientific work was his "moderation and accuracy", a kind of protection that provides an opportunity to focus on the essentials, to engage hard intellectual work.

At 26, he became the candidate of philosophical sciences, specialty "Applied Sociology", 36 — Doctor of Philosophy in the field of "Theory, Methodology and History of Sociology," and in 40 — professor. Gennady Semenovich said repeatedly that his scientific career ended when he received the title of professor and created its own sector, and has made of what has always sought — independence, the ability of independent scientific work for themselves, their colleagues and students, the ability to help those who considered it essential to help.

In addition to scientific work, he was the founder and chief editor of the "Journal of Sociology", a member of the editorial board of the journal "Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences" and "The Man." Batygin one of the first to report the results of sociological developments in mass media. His publications have great public interest.

Gennady Semenovich worked as a columnist "Week", published in the "Literary Gazette," the "New World" and other publications. He drew to cooperate with the "sociological journals" of many well-known journalists and writers. For the most Batygina work at the forefront of journalism was an opportunity to look into the details of social life and hone professional pen.

Batygin led and coordinated the research in key areas of the history and methodology of social science. He published a number of books and numerous articles in leading national and international journals. He devoted his efforts to ensure that bring the sociology of the world level. He united the generations of scientists, as "their" not only among the venerable colleagues, but also among young colleagues — students and graduate students.

June 1 2003 Gennadiy S. Batygin suddenly died.