Alla Larionov

Alla Larionov
Alla D. Larionov was born February 19 in 1931 in Moscow. Nature has blessed her in mind. It was not just good, its appearance would make poems. However, the very Alla Larionov always treated her appearance with irony.

In 1947, her eighth-grader, said the street agile assistant director for the actors: "Girl, you want to act in films? '. The girl immediately agreed. Larionov registered with a casting director of "Mosfilm" and was invited to the extras. Study it is completely abandoned, the school barely stretched into triples.

After school, Alla down immediately filed papers in two institutions — GITIS and Cinematography. With GITIS did not happen, and the Film Institute Larionov came only because , which persuaded to take a girl, even though she did not like him at first. But all this Alla D. learned later.

In the movie, Larionov started acting as a student, her first role was in the film "Sadko". The film was a great success. Slavic beauty Alla Larionova played subtle colors next to the exotic appearance of a young wife Vertinskii Lydia. With this picture, she traveled to the International Film Festival in Venice, and Italian newspapers wrote: "The youngest, the most fun, the most beautiful!ยป.

After a competitive screening of the film "Sadko", received the main award of the festival — " Golden Lion ", literally pounced on her directors and producers. She became the first Soviet film actress, which is called Hollywood. Sam invited her to star in his film, but the then government was not allowed to work Larionova behind the 'iron curtain'. If this had happened, her artistic destiny would have been different and it probably would have learned the whole world. The miracle did not happen. In our country, it is truly learned after the "Anna on the neck." Alla Larionova only about forty roles in the movie, but it was Chekhov Anna remained for the rest of her life mascot.

Unfortunately, in later years, she starred little offensively, but traveled the country, taking part in performances and festivals.

After arriving from a tour of Belgorod, in the evening on April 25 in 2000, she went to bed and woke up ... not. The actress died in Holy Week, before the {holiday-Easter} 629 {/ holiday}. Troyekurovskoye buried in the cemetery of Moscow, near the grave of her husband — actor .