Vitas is considered one of the most mysterious figures of the national stage, his voice around constantly walking the various rumors, for example, that for him singing computer.

Vladasovich Vitaly Grachev, who became widely known as a singer Vitas was born February 19 in 1981 in the Baltic. After some time, the family moved to Odessa. Vitaliy already apparent vocal, and he was seen by a producer Sergey Pudovkin.

On stage singer named Vitas first came out in December 2000 with his famous hit "Opera number 2." Since that time, Vitas has frequently been a finalist for the festival "Song of the Year", received two awards "Golden Gramophone", four awards "Podium", was awarded the "People's hit", in 2002 was recognized as a soloist of the year.

In addition to songs, Vitas plays in film and theater (in 2003, Mayakovsky Theater, he starred in the play "Victor, or the kids in power»).

In 2003 Vitas was made a solo program "Songs of My Mother", which had a successful tour to cities in Russia, the U.S., Canada, Australia, CIS countries and Europe. In 2005 his song subdued Asia.

Today Vitas continues his artistic career, his discography of over 10 albums of songs from which filmed several clips. He has toured extensively involved in various concerts and continues to act in films, including abroad.