Yuri Antonov

Yuri Antonov
Yury Antonov was born in the family of a soldier February 19 in 1945 in Tashkent. After some time, the family moved to Belarus, and there Yuri graduated from music school, getting two majors: vocalist and instrumentalist.

At first he worked in the Belarusian Philharmonic, and in 1969 joined the group "Singing Guitar" keyboard, where he soon became a singer, where he also performed and the first songs.

He moved to Moscow in 1971, he worked at the Moscow Music Hall, the orchestra "Contemporary", the Moscow Regional Philharmonic Society, at a national record company "Melody". All the while, he continued to write and perform songs. And also collaborated with many well-known performers and teams of those years.

In subsequent years, Antonov many appearances, and participated in various concerts throughout the Soviet Union, and recorded albums, worked in Moskontsert as a soloist-vocalist.

By 2000, he released about 30 of its records and CDs that came out almost a circulation of 50 million copies. The most popular songs of the singer: "The roof of your house," "Believe in the dream," "From sadness to joy", "Mirror", "The sea, the sea ...", "dream come true". Many of them become truly popular, and now they can hear from the stage, and the fire, and at the banquet table. Song Yuri Antonov very lyrical and heartfelt.

His music is in many films: "Take care of women", "Beauty", "Unfamiliar Song", "Order", "Fools Die on Friday," " Predators. " In collaboration with the poet Mikhail Antonov Plyatskovskim wrote a children's musical "The Adventures of grasshopper Kuzya." He also starred in several films and was involved in voicing cartoons.

Yuri Antonov led Joint Council for aesthetic and moral education of the staff of the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1999 he was awarded the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

People's Artist and Honored Artist of Russia Yuri Antonov awarded the National Music premieyya "Ovation" in the "Living Legend", the Order of Merit, Skarina "For Services the FatherlandĀ»IV Degree.

Today Yury Antonov continues to perform on stage — is involved in a variety of concerts, recitals and conducts a jury member of various music festivals.