Elsa Lezhdey

Elsa Lezhdey (Photo: kino-teatr . ru)
Elsa I. Lezhdey born February 19 in 1933 in Sevastopol, the son of a sailor.

girl wanted to be an actress from an early age. Having gone after school to enter the Theater Institute in Moscow, she easily succeeded: the bright southern girl's beauty and ability to immediately noticed two theater school: Shchukin and Schepkinskoe. Their choice, she stopped at Schepkinskom school. In 1955, she had successfully completed, after which she began to work in the theater actor.

Film debut Elsa Lezhdey became involved in 1954 in the historical drama Yuri Yegorov, "Glacial Sea," about the life of coast-dwellers of the 18th century. Young, bright, beautiful actress noticed ...

important role in the formation of Elsa Lezhdey as an actress played the filmmaker , whom she at that time was married. In 1956, in collaboration with the he made famous revolutionary drama "Pavel Pavel," in which the role of Rita Ustsinovich (girlfriend Pavka) confided to his wife.

1950 — the 1960s in the work of Elsa Lezhdey — is the search. Vivid, unforgettable work alternated with passage roles. One of the successful findings was an episode in the lyrical drama Gregory Chuhraja "Ballad of a SoldierĀ».

Marriage Naumov did not last long. Elsa's second husband was Vsevolod Safonov.

In 1971, in the work of Elsa Lezhdey entered a new phase. On the screens of the country came the first series which later became the legendary television series "The investigation leading experts." The audience loved the police trinity Znamenskii (George Martynuk) — Tomin (Leonid Kanevsky) — Kibriyo (Elsa Lezhdey). The actors complement each other, creating an organic ensemble.

During the period from 1971 to 1989 came about 22 films a connoisseur, and the main characters become real national favorites, embodied on the screen the general idea of ??the ideal of peace officers. At the same time the role of Zina Kibriyo proved fatal for Elsa Lezhdey, putting an end to further creative career as an actress — directors do not want to take it off because of the "glued" to the image of the actress Zina. In 1989, the series was closed. Elsa Lezhdey suddenly found herself without a job.

Three years later, her husband died Vsevolod Safonov. Together they lived in '21, treating each other with great affection and love. Her husband, Elsa I. Lezhdey survived for nine years who held closed and lonely. She died 12 June (according to other sources 13 June) in 2001 in Moscow.