Anastasia Vyaltseva

Anastasia Vyaltseva
Anastasia D. Vyaltseva, Russian singer (mezzo-soprano), Gypsy singer, actress operetta, was born (1) on March 13 in 1871 into a poor family simple.

With eight years in Kiev working student in the workshop of a lady's dress, assistant maid at the hotel. With thirteen years — showgirl at the ballet troupe of sixteen — a chorus girl in the operetta entreprise. In 1897 in Moscow "Hermitage" has performed leading roles in "Pericoli," "Malabar widow," "Beautiful Helen".

After the successful performance of a solo songs (1897) began to give concerts. The first big trip (Orel, Kursk, Kiev, Kharkov, Baku, Tbilisi, Rostov-on-Don) was held in 1902. The tour became an annual event. Anastasia Vyaltseva has traveled all over the country, in concert encore, without sparing himself. She sang in the opera "Carmen", "Samson and Delilah", "Mignon" set for her in St. Petersburg's "Buff", but the title of "incomparable" brought her romances.

It has created its own "vyaltsevsky" repertoire, singing ballads and songs of their permanent accompanist A. Taskina and other lesser-known authors: Zubov (author vyaltsevskogo smash hit "Under thy charming affection", "muddled") M. Steinberg ("Hyde troika", "I was waiting for you»).

Shining smile, thick, original tone of voice, taivshy, in the words of a contemporary, "strange narcotic scent," argued the joy of life, forgetting sorrow and painful problems. Magnificent phrasing, precise intonation, bright personality ensured the success of the singer in a poetic and unassuming musically song: "You do not pull up at me," "Give me, dear friend, for good luck arm", "Oh yes, let the light condemns" etc.

Anastasia Vyaltseva proud of it, a peasant by birth, became the model of femininity, elegance, aristocratic salons idol, a welcome guest favorite artistic circles.

Died Anastasia D. Vyaltseva (5) February 18, 1913, in the prime of life from a blood disease. Art Vyaltseva found a kind of continuation in the works .