Alexander Barykin

Alexander was born Barykin 18 February in 1952 in the village of Birch (Russia, Tyumen region). Then Alexander and his parents moved in Lyubertsy, where he graduated from music school.

Barykin — one of the few musicians who received classical vocal education at the music school Gnesins. He also graduated from Krasnodar Institute of Culture as a "director of public events."

In 1979, he founded the Moscow group "Carnival." In 1981, he recorded the first album, "Superman", which served as the beginning of the band's popularity and Barykina. In 1982, the "Carnival" were replaced by the participants. The new lineup recorded a great album "Carousel", which features the hit "The Island" ("Wonder Island"). The team is becoming very popular.

In 1984, Alexander Barykin sang naughty song "Schedule for tomorrow" in the program "New Twinkle", receiving a new wave of popularity. In 1986 and 1987 Barykin becomes the winner of the "Song of the Year." At the time, was released CD "Carnival." Was released a rock album, "Hey, look," which had a lot of hits: "What a pity", "Whirlpool". However, due to illness, Alexander had to postpone its activities.

In 1992, he returned to the creativity and produces a bad album "Russian beach." In 1996 saw the release of the album "Islands". It appeared in the year of the "Volga", "Pray, my child," "The River and the Sea", "Love", "Nellie", "Rocket to the South" and others. Recent years, the singer has been active in creative work, a lot of touring.

Barykin Alexander died on the 60-year life on the road in Orenburg 26 March in 2011. The cause of death was the second massive heart attack during a concert.