Bernard Zhoffrion ( Dzheffrion )

Bernie Zhoffrion
Bernard Zhoffrion (Dzheffrion) was born February 14 in 1931 in Montreal (Canada). In hockey, he started playing in teams of junior leagues in Quebec. In 1950, the 19-year-old striker became an NHL player.

In the years 1951-1963 he played for the "Montreal Canadiens" and the next 5 years — for "New York Rangers". He is credited with the invention of the most difficult technically hockey strike — it clicks. Because of this, he received the North American Hockey League, nicknamed "Bernie Boom-Boom", which gradually replaced the main player's name.

Zhoffrion for 14 seasons in the "Montreal Canadiens" scored 371 puck, playing in conjunction with Maurice Richard's legendary striker, nicknamed "The Rocket". The NHL, he played 883 matches and scored 393 goals in the Stanley Cup tournament — 132 matches, 58 goals. Multiple Stanley Cup winner, he is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame NHL.

Zhoffrionu over a 16-year career, nine times broken nose. On his face was imposed more than 400 stitches. Bernie often had stomach problems and even had several operations, but never lost his courage.

In 1958, during a training session Boom-Boom in the game's action faced with a partner. After passing a few meters forward was knocked unconscious. Club doctor as much as 15 seconds could not find his pulse, and in order to save lives, ordered to lift the victim's legs head down to prihlynula blood to the brain. Admission load, pulse resumed and after a few minutes "fast" Dzheffriona taken away to the nearest hospital.

It was a volvulus, required emergency surgery. Bernie's chances of survival were evaluated low. Fortunately, the striker was able to not only miss each other to the death, but also to return to the sport to continue its "boom-boom" at the sites of the NHL.

his career he has completed in the "New York Rangers" in 1968, and then moved on to coaching.

Bernard died Zhoffrion 11 Mar. in 2006 at the age of 75 years in the U.S. city of Atlanta hospital from stomach cancer.