Paul Bragg

Paul Bragg
Paul Bragg is one of the founders of the birth of the movement in America a healthy diet. They have developed a special method of fasting and breathing, that improve the body's defenses.

Chappius Paul Bragg was born February 6 in 1895 in Indiana (USA). After high school he worked for three years he served in the National Guard of the United States, and then moved to New York, where in 1915 he married Cornfield Parnin (in this marriage were born two daughters.)

The family then moved to Indianapolis, where Paul worked as an insurance agent in a major life insurance company. A few years later he returned to the East Coast, where he worked in various departments of the Christian Youth Union and the various schools of physical education teacher or athletics.

In 1929, Bragg began a tour of various cities with lectures about health. Most known for his book "The Miracle of Fasting." Bragg was convinced that the average life span of 120 years. The basis of his teaching about healthy eating, he put the raw food diet and hungry days. Bragg believed that the hungry days, conducted in a specific pattern (one day each week and one week of fasting in the quarter), very useful for a person help cleanse the body and stimulate the immune system.

Also, the diet should a person not less than 60% consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sodium chloride is eliminated from the diet completely, and instead of the usual water Bragg advised to use only distilled water. In his opinion, it is a good solvent harmful to the human body toxins and prints them out.

Great importance was given to Bragg long stay in the fresh air, physical training exercises and proper deep breathing. The main components of health, he believed even the spine and the presence of a strong nervous system.

On the basis of his teaching in Russia developed a method of fasting-diet therapy is successfully used in various diseases.

Paul Bragg was a strong, healthy and strong, led a very active life until the day he died in Miami Beach (Florida, USA) December 7 in 1976, believed to be in an accident while riding a surfboard at the age of 81.