Felix Mendelssohn

Felix Mendelssohn
Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn was born in Hamburg, the son of the banker Abraham Mendelssohn February 3 in 1809. Musical ability he showed from childhood and his mother were seen. She began to teach Felix and his younger sister, the music, and then engaged in their education famous musician Ludwig Berger. Felix learned to play the piano and viola.

In ten years, he claimed his first victory in the competition, and in the eleven years enrolled at the Berlin Academy of Song Festival. Began to talk about him as a miracle.

At fifteen, he was already writing large music concerts, okstety, sextet. In the summer of 1826, he wrote the overture to a comedy «Midsummer Night's Dream", composed and entered the famous Wedding March, by which name it is known to almost everyone Mendelssohn .

May 11 in 1829, Felix Mendelssohn conducted the first performance of works by Johann Bach's "St. Matthew Passion." This performance has given impetus to the revival of Bach's music in the 19th century and glorified Mendelssohn throughout the world.

In 1830, he traveled throughout Europe, spent the winter in Rome, continuing to write. In 1835, he was invited to Leipzig to the place of music director. In September of the same year he married. In marriage were born five children.

Mendelssohn also involved in organizing music festivals in many German cities. All the while, he continued to write music, "Scottish Symphony", a concerto for violin and other works.

In the summer of 1847, Felix learned of the death of his sister Fanny, who was his second "I". The news broke it. The last great work of the composer — "Requiem for Fanny" — noted the deep spiritual experiences.

November 4 in 1847, Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn died in Leipzig.