Astrid Lindgren

Since the early 1970s, written by Astrid Lindgren's books consistently top the list of the most popular works for children. Her works have been published in 58 languages. And even say that if all copies of books by Astrid Lindgren put in a vertical stack, it will be 175 times higher than the Eiffel Tower.

Astrid Lindgren (nee Erickson) was born November 14 in 1907 in southern Sweden, on the farm of a peasant. The family had five children. Always called herself a writer of his childhood happy. There were a lot of games and adventures, interspersed with work on the farm and in the surrounding area.

It will serve as her childhood memories in the future a source of inspiration for creativity. Many of the jokes, tales, stories she had heard from his father or from friends, then went to the base of its own works. Writer's gift and passion for writing emerged from her, when she just learn to read and write.

After school, Astrid has worked in the local newspaper, then moved to Stockholm. In 1926, she gave birth to a son Lars (married five years later), and in 1934 — the daughter Karin. Lindgren — is the name of her husband.

Tale "Pippi Longstocking" by Astrid Lindgren wrote to his daughter as a gift in 1944. The book became popular with lightning speed, she was awarded several prizes, and publishers quickly explained to the author that you can earn a living literature. Worldwide recognition for a long time could not reconcile with the Swedish government's Commission on Children's and educational literature. From the point of view of formal educators Lindgren's stories were not instructive.

In 1957, Lindgren became the first children's writer to receive the prize of the Swedish state for literary achievement. Astrid hit by a number of awards and prizes to list them all is impossible.

Children's writer was the first woman to be in life was a monument — it is in the heart of Stockholm, and Astrid was present at the ceremony of its opening.

She died January 28 in 2002 on the 95-year life in Stockholm.