Ron Hubbard

Ronald Hubbard
Ronald Hubbard was born on March 13 in 1911 in the town of Tilden (Nebraska, USA), the son of an officer in the Navy. He spent his childhood in the Wild West in Montana, where there was a family ranch Hubbards.

Teenager, he learned about the theory of . While Hubbard was later rejected the teachings of Freud, as inefficient and little use, he made a very important conclusion: "Since the mind can do something┬╗.

In the years 1927-1929, Ron traveled to the Orient. Visited China, Tibetan monasteries, India, Japan, the Pacific Islands, and the finding and collecting the "essential facts for understanding the essence of human existence."

In the 1930-1940-ies came the golden age of science fiction, which belongs to works by Hubbard. It was at this time a popular author of many literary genres: adventure, fiction, fantasy, lyrical, detective, western, and wrote the script for the movie. Productivity Hubbard is striking: in the six years (1935-1940), he wrote a total of 138 novels and short stories in all possible genres.

At the same time, he conducts research that resulted in the "Science of Mental health "- Dianetics. However, the scientific community has not recognized the science of Dianetics. Although initially his ideas met with a storm of interest, shortly after the boom began to accuse him of cheating.

In 1952, Hubbard released a new product — Scientology. Since 1954, the United States, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, France, South Africa and other countries around the world have based the local Church of Scientology. Effective work in all organizations, in 1966, Ron retired from the leadership, passing all the administrative duties of 100 trained employees.

In the years 1965-1975 around the world took several waves of persecution of Scientologists. According to the Russian Orthodox Church, Scientology belongs to the destructive totalitarian sects.

on January 24 1986 Ron Hubbard died in California. And though it was and remains a controversial figure, his contributions to the genre of science fiction (in the broadest sense) are obvious.