Tom Waits

Tom Waits
Tom Waits was born in Pomona, California (USA) December 7 in 1949. In 1971, he moved to Los Angeles. In the same year, thanks to Herb Cohen, manager , Tom Waits enters into a contract with a record company Asylum Records.

Two years later, he released his first album «Closing Time», which is very much a jazz influence. In the mid-1970s, Tom Waits went to his first concert tour. At the end of the decade, Tom Waits began to cooperate with the Frenisom 1297 Ford Coppola.

First Waits wrote the soundtracks to his films, and in 1987 starred in the film "Paradise Alley." After 1980, in the works Waits increasing number of hard rhythms. Many of the songs are influenced rhythm and blues. During this period, he changes the record company with Asylum Records to Island Records.

In 1983 he released the album «Swordfishtrombones», when it was created from the former otkazyvatsya Waits sound introduces a lot of new songs and new instruments such as the bassoon or voterfon. In the same vein, the album's release: «Rain Dogs» and «Franks Wild Years». A lot of acting in movies, "The Outsiders," "Rumble Fish," "Defeated by law", "thistle", "Cold Feet", "The Mysterious Train," "The Fisher King," "Bram Stoker's Dracula." Collaborates with Jim Jarmusch: "Outside the Law", "Coffee and Cigarettes", wrote the music for the film "Night on Earth".

In 1992, Waits released the album «Bone Machine», which received a Grammy Award in the category of "Best Alternative Album". In 2002, next to each other out two albums: «Alice» and «Blood Money». After two years, is unusual for creativity Waits album «Real Gone».

From music piano leave the party, and there is political color in verse. In 2006, he released a triple album «Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers