Oliver Fisher Winchester

Oliver Fisher Winchester
Oliver Fisher Winchester was born on November 30 in 1810 in Boston. Oliver's childhood passed in poverty because of the early death of his father. At an early age he was forced to go to work. Oliver worked on agricultural farms, warehouses retail stores. Having learned the carpenter.

As a young man, Winchester came to Baltimore. Here he worked until 1848 in the men's accessories store. In 1848, he founded the New Haven factory producing shirts. Factory has brought a solid and stable income, which allowed Fischer in 1855 to buy the weapons went bankrupt firm Smith & Wesson, and he switched to the production of weapons, mostly hunting, which is often called by his name.

The company started with the production of two models of the gun "Vulkanik" blanks which were still in the past. For the first year it was produced approximately 600 samples.

In 1860, Winchester introduced to the public a new magazine rifle, which he called "Henry" — in honor of the inventor of this rifle Benjamin Henry. This weapon was used successfully during the Civil War.

In 1867, the company was again reorganized into "self-loading weapons of Winchester." At that time, the company manufactures Winchester rifles and carbines, the most famous of which are the model years 1873 and 1894, the latter has been designed for the firm Winchester none else, but by .

Oliver Fisher Winchester died December 11 in 1880.