Sidney Fox

Sidney Fox
Sidney Fox (nee Sidney Leifer) was born December 10 in 1907 in New York. In the movie, Sidney debuted in 1931 with a starring role in the drama "Bad Sister", where the second major role was played by another debutant — Bette Davis. In the same year, Sidney joined the list WAMPAS Baby Stars, which annually elected by budding young actress.

Career Sidney developed quite successfully. In the four years that follow after her debut, Sidney battered mostly leading roles.

The peak of her popularity came in the 1930s. Her partners were well-known actors in those years — Bela Lugosi ("The Murders in the Rue Morgue", released in 1932), Paul Lukas ("It is totally dishonest", the film was released in 1931), Warren William ("mouthpiece", 1932).

In 1932, Sydney was married to screenwriter Charles Beahan. Two years after her marriage, she appeared in a total of fourteen paintings, Sidney unexpectedly left the cinema.

A November 14 1942 Sidney had committed suicide by taking a large dose of sleeping pills. And there is still no exact information on what prompted her to this tragic step. Some suggestions ...