Anna Sten

Anna Sten
Stan Anna (nee Anel Sudakevich) was born December 3 in 1908 in Kiev. As a child she was dancing, took piano lessons. At a young age, Anna was playing in amateur theater. Then, on the fifteen-actress drew attention and patronage of girls, identified in the Moscow Film Academy.

In 1926, Anna made her debut in a silent movie. She got a small role in the comedy stenographer "Miss Mend", filmed by Boris Barnet scenario. The film was directed Otsep Fedor, whom Anna in 1927, got married. In the following years Otsep wife took in four more tapes. Anne's career has developed at a rapid pace. In 1928 followed the lead roles in the films "Earth in captivity", "My Son" and "White EagleĀ».

Some of Stan's early films were shown in the foreign box office and had a response, so in 1930, Anna went to Germany. There she starred in the sound film "Accountant Kremko." At home, the actress has decided not to return and continued her career in Europe.

In 1931 Otsep also emigrated after his wife, Anna took off in two successful films. In 1932, the actress noted producer Samuel Goldwyn and invited her to Hollywood. For two years, Anna was shot though rare, but big-name directors and together with the stars.

1943 was the last productive period Stan. This year came just three paintings, where she had a leading role. In the following years she starred in several films, but it was already supporting roles. His film actress completed in 1960.

Stan also worked in radio and television, and has participated in the production of Brecht, "The Threepenny Opera." After completing his cinematic work, Anna took up painting. Her work has been exhibited at the Boston Museum and visited the European tour.

Anna Stan died November 12 in 1993 in New York of a heart attack. It is still remembered as one of the most stylish actresses of all time, and the Russian and German movies with her participation came in the classic collection of world cinema.