Tamara Makarova

Tamara Fedorovna Makarova
Tamara Fedorovna Makarova was born (July 31) on August 13 in 1907 in St. Petersburg, the son of a military doctor. Since childhood, fond of the theater. In 1924, after graduating from school, enrolled in an acting workshop, where she met .

In the movie Makarova made her debut in 1927 in the movie "Alien jacket." This movie has got it by accident, literally from the street brought her assistant and Kozintseva . On the set of pictures she met again with Gerasimov. Young people became closer and got married. All further creative activity Makarova was associated with her husband.

Union success came to him in 1936 with access to the new film "Seven Brave." Then followed a series of successful collaborations — "Komsomolsk", "teacher", "Masquerade". The last picture was finished just before the war.

Topics World War II and the Siege occupy an important place in the work Makarova. The couple remained in the city until 1943. Tamara participated in the defense of Leningrad, medical orderlies worked, a nurse.

Since 1944, Makarova teaches at the Institute of Cinematography. In 1968, she became a professor at that institution. Led teaching and her husband together, led by the general workshop. Among their students such famous artists as , Inna Makarova, , , Zinaida Kiriyenko, Natalia Fateeva, Jeanne Bolotov, Nikolay Gubenko, , , Sergei Nikonenko Galina Polish Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, Natalia Arinbasarova, , Natalya Bondarchuk, , , and this list is not exhaustive. Gerasimov to teaching and Makarov were given until the end, was a family with the students liked to involve them in their films.

Tamara Fedorovna has lived a life filled with creative and died on January 20 in 1997 in Moscow. She was buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery.