Veronica Valley

Veronica Valley
Veronica Arkadievna Valley was born January 2 in 1956 in Moscow. After graduating from the Moscow Pedagogical Institute in 1978, she worked as a French teacher, librarian, the editorial staff of the physical log.

Since 1971, the Valley of writing songs, mostly for his poetry, she also performs them. Favourite authors Veronika Dolina — , , , Julius Kim, Novella Matveeva.

In the mid-1970s, she became known as a singer of songs, audio tapes with her songs pass from hand to hand, overwritten. She begins to speak to the audience from the stage.

Her songs are captivating in its simplicity, sincerity, sincerity. About her work saying that she "sings poetry┬╗.

Do you want me I'll learn to sew,
Or maybe embroider,
Do you want me I'll learn to live,
And we'll live happily ever after.
I will soon learn to spin,
Scratching and reel wool,
And the children we will have five,
And maybe even six.

During perestroika, Veronica Valley produces its first two disc songs, as well as a collection of poems (in Paris). With the concerts she has traveled dozens of countries, have, including in Germany, France, Israel, USA, Canada.

Not stopped singing it and at a time when many other bards, finding himself in the new Russia in the 1990s, left the stage.

Today Veronica Valley continues to concerts in Russia and abroad, writing new songs and music to them. In her discography of more than 20 albums, and she is the author of over 10 books of poetry and several books.