Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde was born October 16 in 1854 in Dublin. His parents were extraordinary people, they have had a significant influence on the son. My father — a famous ophthalmologist and audiologist, highly erudite man. Mother — secular salon hostess, poet, convinced that I was born for greatness.

He took from them a lot, a rare inherited his father's ability to work and curiosity from the mother — a dreamy mind, gentility, passion for beauty and belief in his genius.

Oscar received an excellent education, first at King's College in Enniskillen, then at Trinity College in Dublin, and eventually, in 1878, he graduated from Oxford. At Oxford, Wilde established himself. He has developed a crystal English accent, has acquired a reputation for shining without much effort. It also designed the special philosophy of art as the meaning of life and the world platform.

After graduation, he moved to London, where he quickly joined a social life. Wilde became "entertain" visitors salons — for wit, fine speech, brilliant manner. It became fashionable in the world, and his manner of dress has revolutionized the style of the British prim.

Early Poems of its marked influence of Impressionism, they expressed immediate individual experience, they are incredibly picturesque. His first collection of poems "Poems" was published in 1881, and soon Wilde went to lecture in the United States. In America, he spent a year reading the brilliant lectures at leading universities. Briefly returning to London, Wilde went to Paris. There, he met with the elite of world literature (, , , Stephane Mallarme, , etc.) and without much difficulty gaining their sympathy.

After returning home, he met Constance Lloyd, falls in love and at age 29 became a family man. They are born two sons, for whom Wilde writes stories. In life, he was earning at the time in journalism.

In 1891 was published the novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray", the most famous work of Oscar Wilde. Its success is stunning. For the novel was followed by a series of brilliant comedic plays.

From 1895 to 1897 years, Oscar served his sentence on charges of homosexuality — apparently, it was revenge for the loss of the Marquis of Queensberry influence on his son, a handsome young Alfred Douglas. Prison greatly influenced Wilde — "the worst thing is not what life is heartbreaking ... but the fact that it draws in the heart of stone" — he would write later ...

After his release from prison, he went to Paris, succeeding name in Melmoth. In France, Wilde wrote the famous poem "The Ballad of Reading jail."

Oscar Wilde died November 30 in 1900 from meningitis following the ear infection.

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