Alexander Chancourtois

Alexander Chancourtois
As a chemist Chancourtois known fact that in 1862 proposed a systematization of chemical elements, based on the regular variation of atomic masses — screw chart elements, arranged in order of increasing atomic weights, the so-called "earth spiral."

Alexander Emile de Beguye Chancourtois born on January 20 in 1820. After graduating in 1838 Paris Higher Polytechnic School Chancourtois continued his education at the higher School of Mines. In 1840 he finished training and has taken a long journey to the geological description of Hungary, Armenia and Turkey.

Eight years later, he became a lecturer in higher mining school, and since 1852 — professor of geology.

In 1862, he created sistematitsiyu chemical elements. Chancourtois struck on the side of the cylinder, marked-up with 16, a line at an angle of 45 °, which put the points corresponding to the atomic masses of elements. Thus, the elements of which the atomic weights differ by 16 or a multiple of 16, arranged on the same vertical line. At that point, corresponding to the properties of similar elements, often on the same vertical line.

Organizing Chancourtois was a significant step forward compared to the then existing systems, but his work at first remained practically unnoticed. Interest in it arose only after the opening Mendeleev periodic law.

In 1875 Chancourtois became general superintendent of Mining, France. In this capacity, he undertook a series of measures for explosion protection in mines. On his initiative, started in France device seismic stations.

In 1856, Alexander Emil Chancourtois became a knight, and in 1867 — Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor.

Died Alexander Chancourtois November 14 in 1886 in Paris.