Alexander Sumarokov

Alexander Sumarokov
Alexander P. Sumarokov was born (14) November 25 in 1717 in St. Petersburg, in a noble family. Was educated at home, he continued his studies in Overland Gentry case. Here he began his literary work, perelagaya verse Psalms, writing on behalf of the Cadets' birthday ode "Empress Anna, songs — on the French poets.

After the Corps in 1740, was first appointed to serve in the military camp office of Count Munnich, then adjutant of Count AG Razumovsky.

Printed in 1747, the first tragedy "Horeb" was played at court. This work brought Sumarokov fame. Follow his plays are written out in the court of Yaroslavl troupe FG Volkov. For the "Horeb" followed eight tragedies, 12 comedies, three opera librettos.

And in 1756 created a permanent theater and Sumarokov was appointed its director. For a long time, and Norden was the main supplier of the repertoire.

parallel Sumarokov developed a wide range of activities in other fields of literature. In the years 1755-1758 he was an active member of the academic journal "Monthly essays", in 1759 published its own satirical moralizing tone magazine "Hard-working bee" (it was the first private journal in Russian).

Died Alexander P. Sumarokov (1) 12 October in 1777 in Moscow.