Roman Kondratenko

Roman Isidorovich Kondratenko
The distinctive property Kondratenko was the ability to influence the spirit of the troops, which is significantly affected by the reflection of a storm when no one is hoping for success.

Roman Isidorovich Kondratenko was born (30 September) October 12 in 1857 in Tiflis, the son of a poor nobleman. Roman, with the help of his older brother, who lived in St. Petersburg, was determined to study in Polotsk military school at public expense. In 1877, he graduated among the top graduates.

Then he became a cadet Nicholas engineering school in St. Petersburg, which was located, as well as Academy of Engineering, the former palace of Paul. He graduated at the Academy of the General Staff, where he studied from 1879 to 1884.

After serving some time in engineering department in 1895 Kondratenko received regiment. In 1901, he received the rank of Major General. In 1903 he received the Kondratenko 7th East Siberian Rifle Brigade in Port Arthur.

In the most critical moment of the siege of the city led the defense, engaged in the improvement of the defensive positions. Kondratenko personally directed the defense at the most difficult and dangerous areas. He was able to link the land and naval forces into one, skillfully guiding them to a friendly, collaborative work.

Killed Roman Isidorovich Kondratenko (2) December 15 1904 . His death was determined the fate of the fortress. Just two weeks in Port Arthur was betrayed and handed over the generals Stoessel and Fok, despite the possibility of further defense.