Alexei Courtney

Alex Courtney
Alexey Courtney was born October 12 in 1966 in Moscow. Became interested in music as a child and wrote her first songs in the seventh grade.

After the English special school Courtney entered the Moscow State University on mehmat. During his student years, and created a group of "accident." At first it was a duet with Valdis Pelsh in the music studio of the Student Theatre, which then increased to four.

Here he met his future wife, , married with whom he had a son Artem. While studying at MSU, Alex Courtney played in the WHC for the university team.

After graduation, Courtney continues to WHC-ical tradition in 1990 with Igor Ugolnikova and other bases humorous television program "The two-on." After it was released, and other TV shows "Debiliada", "Blue Nights," "Pilot".

Do not leave Courtney and Student Theater, and "Accident". He writes most of the songs for the band and the band toured across the country. Some time on Ren TV is the author of the same name transfer Kortneva "accident».

At the same time Alex Courtney is translating popular musicals such as "Cats», «Mamma Mia!»; Writes advertising slogans companies " Pepsi»,«Wrigley»,«M