Edward Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley was born Edward October 12 in 1875 in the town of Leamington, England. Parents belonged to the sect of "Plymouth Brethren." From early childhood, Alistair studied the Bible, but after the death of his father, even coaxing mother Emily Burt did not help instill Christian faith in the heart of Alistair.

Since 1895, Crowley studies at Cambridge University, where he initially studied philosophy, psychology, economy, and then enjoys in-depth study of English literature. At the same time, an interest in the occult and mysticism. Books on alchemy, magic and mysticism were at the time of his "desktop". After three years of training, and throws out of the University.

In 1898, the first book printed by Alistair. At the same time, he met with Julian Baker and Samuel Mathers. Finds like-minded teachers in the Hermetic Order of the "Golden Dawn". Thanks to Allen Bennett, who was a friend and a former member of the "Golden Dawn", Crowley learns about Buddhism. Because of the new ideological reasons Crowley leaves the company "Golden Dawn", having quarreled with Mathers to the nines.

Later Crowley writes about his novel "Moon Child", where Mathers (SRMD) acts as a villain, Bennett — a mentor, the protagonist Simon Iff, and sage.

In 1901, he studies the practice of Raja — Yoga, a year released its essay "Berashith" where Crowley sees meditation as a "means to an end ».

In 1904, he went to Mexico to perform magical experiments. Having been in Egypt, Crowley acquainted with the philosophy of Thelema. Published "The Book of the Law." In 1907, Crowley creates award "Silver Star" and wrote "Code of the holy books of Thelema».

In the following years will be written in such works as:
«Magic in Theory and Practice," " Equinox of the Gods "," 8 lectures on Yoga, "" Magick Without Tears "and others.

Died Alistair December 1 in 1947.