William Steig

William Steig
William Steig for his rich creative life managed to write 25 books for children. His works had been appearing for more than a quarter of a century, is still actively reprinted, some books are suddenly translated into the most unexpected languages ??in Hawaii, for example. The books are constantly Steig is the theme of the family: children always come back to their parents. And one of his characters and the plot of the book served as a prototype illustration of a green giant named Shrek.

Steygovsky hero — protopip green giant Shrek William Steig was born November 14 in 1907. The family had four sons, William the third. His father, a socialist and a man of firm moral rules, to a great extent influenced by Steig was a very enterprising man.

Steig artist his first drawing filed in 1930 in the journal "New Yorker." In all the pages of this magazine was published for the whole period of cooperation with the famous artist more than 1,650 drawings, and 170 of them were on the cover.

Style Steig's hard to describe by a single word, for it is constantly changing, sometimes every week. The most famous series of drawings (drawings Steig someone thinks comics) is a series of "Kids," which tells the story of hooliganism and play inventive and pugnacious boys and girls.

Much of creativity Steig is intended for adults. In his works, the artist often depicts men and women shouting and quarreling with each other, smacking their children, with suspicion and coldness at each other, sinking into flesh seats. One of the drawings shows a woman standing at the grave of her late husband: her mouth is open, the finger froze in the air, it continues unfinished in his lifetime dispute.

Despite the fact that the style of Steig constantly changing, but the author has always sought to sincerity, keeping in mind a piece of children's simple-minded.

William Steig died Oct. 6 in 2003, and his books and drawings continue to live and delight children and adults alike.