Stanislav Markelov

Stanislav Markelov
Y. Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer inter-republican Bar, founder and head of the Rule of Law Institute, was born May 20 in 1974 in Moscow. In 1996, Markelov graduated from the Moscow State Law Academy. From 1997 he was a lawyer inter-republican lawyers, was a member of the International Union of Lawyers and the International Club. In 2006 he founded and headed the Institute for the rule of law.

Widely known in 1997, speaking advocate of so-called red-terrorists — Igor Gubkin and Andrei Sokolov (the case of the demolition of the royal family at the cemetery Vagankovsky, trying to blast the monument to Peter I in Moscow, and others). With his clients have removed terrorism charges but convicted on other items.

In the same year, Mr. Markelov has collaborated with the Belarusian opposition for the dispersal of demonstrations in Minsk. In 2001 public election observer president of Belarus. Since 2002, began working on the "Chechen" cases. Represented the family of Elza Kungayeva in the trial of former Colonel Yuri Budanov.

There was also a lawyer for a number of other high-profile cases, including a number of journalists and the media. In particular, represented Anna Politkovskaya in the case against the "Cadet", and since 2008 — the editor of "Khimki Truth" Mikhail Beketov, who is accused of defaming the head of administration of Khimki Mayor Vladimir Strelchenko.

Happy on January 19 in 2009 on Markelov was attacked in central Moscow after a press conference at the Independent Press Center. On the street to Markelov man approached from behind and shot him in the head with a pistol with a silencer. The lawyer was killed on the spot. Apprehend the murderer at the scene failed.