Elizabeth Gaskell

Elizabeth Gaskell
Elizabeth Gaskell was born September 29 in 1810 in Chelsea (London). Elizabeth lost her mother early and was brought up by her aunt. In 1823 she studied at a boarding school for girls. Her life evolved peacefully, in 1832 she married a priest and moved to Manchester.

But after a while the family bereavement — the tragic loss of her only son, an infant who died of scarlet fever. Trying to survive the pain, Elizabeth Gaskell took up the pen. Convinced her to get away from trouble so husband.

The first major work of Elizabeth has become a social novel "Mary Barton. Tale of Manchester Life" (1848), which shows how hunger and poverty is supplied to the idea of ??working uprising.

Gaskell went down in history as a major British literary biographer, creating a "Life of Charlotte Bronte." In addition, it brought fame Gaskell describe the life and customs of the provincial towns and their inhabitants.

Elizabeth Gaskell's novels have raised serious problems, such as "Ruth," it affects the fate of unmarried mothers in the novel "North and South "- the industrial revolution and the fate of the people affected by the change. Known throughout the world Gaskell novels "Cranford", "Cousin Phyllis," "Sylvia Fans' differing psychological accuracy of images.

Died Elizabeth Gaskell Nov. 12 1865 , in Hampshire, failing to finish his latest novel — "The wives and daughters."