John McAdam

McAdam contribution to road construction Britain invaluable. The largest company in the United Kingdom for the production of building materials is named in honor of Tarmac Paving, which invented McAdam.

John Loudon McAdam was born 21 September in 1756 in Scotland. Childhood and adolescence spent in America. Earned a fortune in the financial transactions in the United States and in 1783 he returned to Scotland. Since 1798 McAdam has engaged in private business.

Starting with the 1806 take contracts for road construction, McAdam has developed a methodological system construction and repair of roads, which he applied in England. He built roads with high resistance to wear and made them more upbeat, considering that the traffic itself compacted soil and make the fabric more durable. He has developed a reliable road surface, made up of crushed stone and gravel, which are densely stacked thick layer, forming a solid foundation of the road, at the same time improving drainage.

Roads which he built, have shown their reliability. Ideas McAdam road construction have been widely adopted after the parliamentary debate in 1823. A McAdam in 1827 was appointed chief engineer of road in Britain.

Died John McAdam Nov. 26 in 1836.