Michael Ants- Vilensky

Mikhail Ants-Vilensky
Mikhail Ants-Wilensky was born October 12 in 1796 in Moscow. During his studies at the University of Michael founded the Moscow Society of Mathematicians. In 1811 he graduated from Moscow University, he entered the military service.

Michael participated in the war of 1812, was wounded at Borodino,'ve been in foreign campaigns of the Russian Army 1813-1814.

Since 1827 Ants-Vilna Vitebsk became vice-governor in 1828 — Mogilev governor, and in 1831 — Grodno governor. During the uprising 13 May in 1863 he was appointed chief of the governors of the North-Western Territory.

Special focus Muraveva-Vilnius — update existing and restoration of the ruins of the Orthodox churches. At the initiative of Mikhail Nikolayevich, to prove native Russian Orthodox and the nature of the North-Western Territory in early 1864, was established Wilensky Commission for analysis and publication of ancient instruments.

Nickname "Ant-hangman" was due to the historical anecdote, according to which, after his appointment as governor of Grodno province in 1831, he was asked if he was related hanged Decembrist Muravevu-Apostol. Mikhail said, the fact that is not one of those Muravyovs, which hung, and of those who hang themselves.

With the dismissal from office of the Governor-General in April 1865 Mikhail received the title of count with the honorary title of "Vilna" and Order of St. Andrew.

Died Mikhail Ants-Vilensky September 10 in 1866 in St. Petersburg, is buried in the Lazarev cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.