Eugene Field

Eugene Field
Eugene Field was born September 2 in 1850 in St. Louis, Missouri. After his mother's death he moved to Amherst, Massachusetts. At the same time began to study at colleges in Massachusetts and Missouri. However, long in one place Eugene did not stay — it deducted from everywhere for pranks and jokes. Yet in the end he managed to get a degree from Knox College.

After graduating, Eugene tried to work and study law. But quickly changed his plans and set off on a trip to Europe. And when, after six months, he returned to the United States, he found himself penniless and took a journalist «Gazette» in St. Joseph.

Around the same time, he married Julia Comstock. We are in a time of marriage eight children were born. All payments to entrust it to his wife, because he has a "head full of other things».

Shortly Field became editor in urban news «Gazette». His articles are written with humor and easily, quickly brought fame to the author. His first book of poems was published in 1879 under the name "Christian Treasures." These light-hearted poems for children have been growing in popularity.

In 1883, Field moved to Chicago. Here he started a humorous column called «Sharps