Arkady Strugatsky

Arkady Strugatsky was born Natanovich 28 August in 1925 in the city of Batumi, then lived in Leningrad. At the end of January 1942 with his father, he was evacuated from the siege of Leningrad. During the journey miraculously survived — the only one of all of the car.

For a time he worked in the Orenburg region Tashla milk collection stations, there was also drafted into the army. Arkady was in Aktobe artuchilische, and in spring 1943, just before the release, he was sent to Moscow, to the Military Institute of Foreign Languages.

In 1949, he graduated from the Strugatsky Institute as a translator from English and Japanese. He worked as a teacher at the school of military translators Kan served as divisional interpreter in the Far East. He was demobilized in 1955.

Later Strugatsky worked in the "Abstract Journal", then an editor at Detgiz and Gospolitizdat. Since 1955, began to systematically engage in literary activities. First published in 1956 — the story "Ashes Bikini." In the future, turned in his work in science fiction.

Almost all of the art works were written in collaboration with his younger brother, . In 1958 came their first short stories ("From Beyond", "The spontaneous reflex"), in 1959 — the novel "The country crimson clouds." Have a total of 25 novels and novellas, short stories, a few scenarios.

Arkady Strugatsky died 12 October in 1991 in Moscow after a long illness (cancer of the liver).