Man Ray

Man Ray
Man Ray (born Emmanuel Radnitsky) was born on August 27 in 1890 in Philadelphia. Seven years later, the family moved to New York. Here, Ray studied art from 1908 to 1912, he graduated from the National Academy of drawing in New York and then attended classes drawing and watercolors Center F.Ferrera name.

Since 1912, Mann settled in Ridgefield, painted, illustrated books, and worked part time at an advertising agency. And in 1913, he visited an exhibition of avant-garde art in New York, which had an impact on all of his future work. Man began to invent new paintings and photographic techniques, to create complex surreal "objects."

«Ingres 'Violin' in 1920 — 1930 Ray worked mainly photography. He is constantly working on new techniques that enabled him to take a photo of a type of visual art. For example, in 1922, invented the reyografiyu Man — a method of creating photographic images without a camera.

In the late 1920's Man rediscovered solarization — the photoelectric effect, which is obtained by re-exposure of the negative and turned it into an art reception.

firsts Ray appreciated the Surrealists, and began to use the photo in combination with other techniques in their works.

Man likened his technique of photography to painting, calling it "the art of light." At the same time, he created a series of works under the title "The Age of Light", which in 1934 was published in the form of an album.

Man Ray died November 18 1976 in Paris. In 1999, he was recognized by the magazine "Art Neuse" one of the 25 most influential artists of the 20th century.