Lewis Essen

Louis Essen who created quartz and atomic clocks, born Sept. 6 in 1908 in Nottingham (UK). In 1928 he graduated from Essen University of London, in 1929, began work in the Physical Laboratory Teddington.

Lewis Essen went into the history of science as an experimental physicist who has devoted his studies of quantum metrology and microwave radio spectroscopy. In the area of ??scientific interest have been Essen standards of time and frequency measurement of the radio frequency and the speed of light.

It Essen Lewis created the quartz and atomic clocks.

In 1955, Essen was created the first atomic Frequency Standard (time) on the beam of cesium atoms. Thanks to this invention unable to compare the frequency of the atomic to the astronomical unit of time.

In 1958, thanks to this work arose service time, based on the atomic frequency standard.

Works Essen to build an atomic standard frequency and its practical application have been highly appreciated by the scientific community. In 1957, he received the Charles Boyce, and two years later, in 1959, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR handed Lewis Essen Gold Medal .

In 1960, Essen is a member of the Royal Society of London.

Lewis Essen has also created a quantum ring (Essen), studying the quantum frequency standards. Now, these rings are widely used in many frequency standards.

scientist died in a very advanced years, on August 24 in 1997.