Jean -Fran?ois Paul de Gondi

Jean-Fran?ois Paul de Gondi
Cardinal Retz (Jean-Fran?ois Paul de Gondi) was born September 20 in 1613 in a magnificent castle Monmirayya in Champagne. At the request of his father, he entered holy orders, which had not the slightest inclination. In 1643, Gondi received his doctorate and was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Paris.

His popularity he achieved fairly quickly, mainly due to their sermons and generous alms. Considerable popularity allowed Gondi intrigue against Mazarin. As a result of disaffected Parisian mob, incited by Gondi, produced a revolt in August 1648. A Gondi made by the Queen Regent of some concessions, and thus reassured the people.

The following year, Gondi happy union malcontents with Mazarin against the Prince de Conde. promises to procure him a cardinal's hat. Deceived in their expectations, Gondi soon not only the switches on the side of Conde and "young Fronde", but also attracted to her the head of the old Fronde, the Duke of Orleans and the Parisian parliament. But soon quarrels with Gondi Conde and arms against him parliament. And he went over to the court, for which he receives, at last, has long coveted a cardinal's hat.

But Mazarin still managed to win, and Gondi, despite his repeated court services, was accused in relations with Prince Conde, captured and put in the Bois de Vincennes, and then in Nantes Castle. But soon he was able to escape from there, after which he spent several years wandering in Italy, the Netherlands, Flanders and England. In 1661 he returned to France, resigned his rank of archbishop and retired to the abbey of Saint-Denis.

Died Cardinal Retz 24 August in 1679.