Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky (real name Leyba Davidovich Bronstein) was born November 7 in 1879 in the Ukrainian village of Bereslavka Kirovograd region, the son of wealthy landowners. In 1889, he moved to Odessa, where he studied at the school of St. Paul and lives in a family of his cousin Moses Shpentsera.

In 1896, Lev Bronstein begins to conduct revolutionary propaganda in Nikolaev. Please share the views of the Social Democrats, then joined the Mensheviks. In 1897, he was arrested and fled abroad.

When he returned, he began to collaborate with the editorial board of the newspaper "Iskra". In 1905, Trotsky was arrested again, this time as chairman of the St. Petersburg Soviet of Workers' Deputies, and again escaped from exile.

About five years published in the Vienna newspaper "Pravda". Leon Trotsky is one of the prominent figures in the history of the October Revolution of 1917. From 1918 to 1924, Trotsky was the people's commissar for foreign, military and naval affairs. For his leftist dissent in 1927 was demoted and sent into exile.

In 1929, Trotsky was expelled from the USSR. Abroad created Trotskyist Fourth International. He wrote works on the history of the revolutionary movement and the revolution of 1917.

Leon Trotsky was killed Ramon Mercader on August 21 in 1940 in Mexico.